Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2014 Goals

January was my best sales month ever!!!  I would love to do that every month.  I have been working very hard almost everyday to make and sell my quilts.  I would love it if this were my full time job and I could make a good living  because I love making quilts and quilty things so much.  

I had 4 WIP's coming into February.  I finished one minky blanket yesterday:

I also finished sewing a quilt for a rag quilt for my wonderful mother in law but it still needs clipping and washing:

(It won't look so wonky after it's all been clipped)

I also have a Black and White full size rag quilt that needs one more row.  I'm still waiting for the fabric.  

And I am working on the 3rd of 3 very large hanky quilts.  This one is turning out so lovely.  It's different than the other two that you can see here  and here.  It will be more white like crisp white sheets or a little girl's crinoline.  (picture to come).

So, here are my goals for February:

1. Finish  Mother in Law  rag quilt

2. Finish Black and White full size  rag quilt

3.  Finish Hanky rag quilt

4.  Make another Scrabble rag quilt

5.  Make a little girl's purple twin size rag quilt

6.  Make my daughter a 20 shirt t-shirt quilt

7.  Make another t-shirt quilt

8.  Make a set of soft quilted alphabet letters

9.  Make a Texas Star rag quilt

And just for good measure...

10.  Make something for my shop

27 days...hmmm...That seems do-able.

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  1. What wonderful and cozy quilts....and thanks too for visiting my blog. It sounds like you will have a SEW very busy Februaury!!! XXXX