Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Different Kind of Hanky Rag Quilt

I was browsing around on Pinterest a while back and I got inspired by this pin of a red handkerchief bedspread:

Since I've been making ladies hanky rag quilts for a while now I thought why not try it with this type of hanky, the type my grandfather used to keep in his back pocket all the time. 

I found 12 vintage red men's 100% cotton handkerchiefs on ebay for a good price and since it was on my May to-do list I thought I'd try one. 

The hankies were much larger than the usual ladies size.  They measured between 19 and 21" each so I cut the white flannel backing into 21" squares.  I cut 3 slices of flannel instead of 2 because I wanted a nice full fluff to frame each hanky.

The squares came out a little "wonky" becuase of the different sizes and because the hankies were not perfectly square or new to begin with, but the overall effect looks lovely.  There's just something so pretty to me about these hankies.  I love the patterns, the flowers, the squares, the paisleys.  I think each one is a beautiful work of art.  I think they are very much under appreciated.

By the time I had 9 of the hankies sewn together I polled my family to see if they thought I should stop or add the final row of 3.  The quilt was already bigger than me.  I was thinking it would make a great lap quilt or an accent quilt at the foot or a bed or a PICNIC BLANKET.  It would be perfect for a picnic blanket since the squares were so big!  My family was 4 to 1 on keeping it at  9 squares. 

So here is my latest one of a kind Picnic Blanket Vintage Hanky Red Hankerchief Rag Quilt:


  1. pretty! It would be perfect to take to a strawberry festival! :)

  2. Awesome �� work. I'm thinking about trying my hand at one but I don't have the filler for inside the blanket what should I do

    1. The inside it just a layer of flannel as is the backing. Bandana, flannel, flannel - that's it.