Sunday, March 3, 2019

Temperature Blanket

My word for 2019 is Productivity.  I want to get stuff done, make things, create, purge  and organize.  My daughters told me about a temperature blanket that they were going to crochet this year. Have you heard about these? It took me a while to understand what I was supposed to do.  I have been wanting to get back into crocheting as it's been years since I had made anything.  I bought my yarn - 9 skeins so far and I wrote out a chart of my temp ranges.  Here in southern CA the temperatures do not vary that much so decided to change colors every 5 degrees.  For a Temp Blanket you only crochet one row a day but you do it every day for a year.  In the end you have a multicolored, soft, warm look back at the weather for the whole year.  I'm doing this project with my 3 daughters and my best friend and once a week we share our blankets and it's been fun to see the progress and all the different colors.

I keep track of everything in my bullet journal that I just started this year.

Here's a shot of 4 of our blankets when we were just starting out:

Here is mine from Jan 24th:

And from yesterday

And the obligatory cat shot: