Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017 Finishes

I have been sewing like crazy trying to get all these custom quilts done.  This is my 7:30am - 9 pm  -7 day a week job.  Here's what I finished in July:

Four T-shirt Quilts
Tinkerbell 30 shirt quilt

Hayley's T-shirt quilt
Red and Yellow 20 shirt quilt
Penn State 25 T-shirt quilt

Two Rag Quilts
Coral Queen of the Sea

Pixar Rag Quilt

A bunch of Pocket Pillows and Nesting Box

Two Pocket Pillow with Tooth Fairy Pocket

Disney Princess Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

Star Wars Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

Two Vintage Hanky Rag Quilt and a Hanky Pillow

12 Hanky Vintage Hanky Quilt
Hanky Pillow

12 Hanky Vintage Hanky Quilt

and one Needlebook
Apple of my Eye Needlebook

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Here's what I sewed in June 2017

I stopped teaching May 31st so I was full on sewing just about everyday in June.  I hope to continue through July and August as well.  Here's what I made in June:

Winnie the Pooh rag quilt

Les Monsieur Rag Quilt and Pocket Pillow

Vintage Hankie Rag Quilt

Zebra Pocket Pillow

Dreaming Tree in Spring Pocket Pillow

Hello Bear Pocket Pillow

Fawn and Deer Quilt

Black and White Baby Rag Quilt

Wee Wander Summer Night Lights Pocket Pillow

Vintage Style Hanky Rag Quilt

Black and White Cats Pocket Pillow

Twin size Vintage Style Hanky Quilt and Pillow

Vintage Style Hanky Quilt

Camo Pocket Pillow

Bug Skirt and Vest

Animal Print Rag Quilted Throw

Star Wars Pocket Pillow

U of Oregon 12 T-shirt Quilt