Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Goals Met???

Oh my!  I only wrote 1 post for February.  I was so busy sewing I just didn't have time but I wanted to take a minute to chart my progress.  In February I wanted to:

1. Finish  Mother in Law  rag quilt -- check

2. Finish Black and White full size  rag quilt --check

3.  Finish Hanky rag quilt -- check

4.  Make another Scrabble rag quilt --  WIP

5.  Make a little girl's purple twin size rag quilt --(Still finding just the right fabric)
6.  Make my daughter a 20 shirt t-shirt quilt -- (Squares are cut and fused)
7.  Make another t-shirt quilt  -- (WIP  Top done)

8.  Make a set of soft quilted alphabet letters -- check
9.  Make a Texas Star rag quilt -- check

And just for good measure...
10.  Make something for my shop
  --check and check

 So while I didn't meet all my goals, I'm happy I put a big dent in them.

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