Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Sewing Nov. 11 - 30

      There's more to sewing than just the sewing.  So I didn't sew some "thing" everyday.  I did something related to sewing everyday whether it was fusing t-shirts or cutting rag quilts or cutting strips of fabric.  I had hoped that I would have a lot more things for my Etsy shop and more things to cross off my custom orders list but I did my best.  Here's what I accomplished in November 2013:

tea wallet

Hanky Pillow

I fused and laid out this t-shirt quilt

Burpies and bib for my shop

Another tea wallet

T-shirt quilt finished and crossed off my list

Needlebook for my shop


more tea wallets

Fused and laid out another t-shirt quilt

A minky blanket for my shop

I cut this out but I will definitely be reworking this 

Cut and fused shirts for another t-shirt quilt

Finished the Medium Hanky Rag Quilt to cross off my list

Rag quilt and matching bib for my nephew's new baby

And on the last day of November, I made a t-shirt scarf to wear to school.

I said in a previous post that "my goals for November will be to complete the medium hanky rag quilt (can't wait)" -  Check.  

"Get at least one (of 3) t-shirt quilts finished" - Check.

"Finish another hanky pillow" - Check.  

"Make at least one baby rag  or adult size quilt for my etsy shop" -well, I made a minky quilt.

So while I didn't achieve my goal of sewing one thing everyday, I did get a bunch things made, huh?

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  1. that t-shirt scarf is simply adorable! Looks like you got a heckuva lotta sewing done to me!