Saturday, August 6, 2016

What I made on my 2016 Summer Vacation

My job in the summer is to make as many quilts and things as I can.  That means finish my custom order list and make bonus quilty items for my etsy shop.  Here's what I made this summer from June 1st - August 14th.

Alice in Wonderland Quilt


Timber and Leaf Table Runner

Vintage Hanky Rag Quilt

Wee Wander quilt and pillow

Baby Clothes quilt

Butterflies Rag Quilt

Game of Thrones Quilt

3 Sisters 2014 Favorites

Black and White Sylvia Rag Quilt

Baby Clothes Quilt

Star Wars Burpies

Timber & Leaf table runner to match curtains above

Needle Wallet

Needle Wallet

T-shirt quilt

Queen size Red Bandana Rag Quilt #1

Butterfly Quilt #2

Queensize Red Bandana Rag Quilt #2
Grand daughter birthday dress pinafore
Nautical Table runner

Ballet Roses Rag Quilt

Book Pillow

I will start doing school related stuff on Monday.  I am working on a twin size Bandana Quilt with pillows this weekend and one more T-shirt quilt.  What did you make this summer?

Update:  I finished the t-shirt quilt

and some super hero capes made from the backs of T-shirts from previous t-shirt quilts:

And the Bandana twin size quilt set:

Phew!!!  I start back to school tomorrow!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Two Lessons about Handerchief Rag Quilts

A while back I got an order for Two Hanky Rag Quilts.  The customer would be sending me her vintage hankies to make two quilts for her nieces.  I didn't give it a second thought until I saw her hankies.  UH OH!  Almost all of them were either all white or mostly white with a small bit of embroidery on a corner.

It was easy to divide the hankies into 2 groups since they were so similar.  My dilemma was making these hankies stand out.  I know that white hankies on the normal white background makes for a boring quilt.  I also know that backing white hankies with any color changes the color of the hanky and I like to keep the true colors.  So here's what I did.

I cut a piece of white muslin a little bit smaller than the hanky and centered it beneath the hanky.  This would keep the hanky color white no matter what colors came next.

For the first quilt I used a printed fabric featuring rosebuds.  I layered the hanky with the muslin centered on top of the rosebud squares.  I saw that you still could see the fabric print underneath the hanky.

I knew all the squares were going to be 16".   What I had to do was make a frame with the muslin and the rosebud fabric so that only the white muslin was directly under the hanky and strips of the rosebud fabric were sewn around the the muslin.

 Then I placed that square onto two layers of very light pink flannel squares securing all the layers with the traditional X.

In the end I thought the white-ish hankies were still not highlighted in the best way since the rosebud fabric was also light white.  (Luckily the customer loved how the first quilt turned out.)

The second quilt I did the same way except this time I put a pink flannel under the hanky with the muslin beneath and I used the rosebud fabric on the back.

This was what I was looking for!  This really highlighted the hankies and no pattern showed through.

One problem solved however, for this quilt I had another entirely different dilemma. The majority of the hankies were the same size around 13 - 14" so they fit nicely onto the 16" squares.  There were two very large hankies that were larger than 16".  I thought I would have to make all the squares 18" to accommodate those 2 hankies or cut the two hankies.  Both options I did not want to do.

I ended up folding two of the edges of the large hankies in such a way that it still kept the design intact and then sewing the fold in place.  You can kind of see what I did here.

Here is the final result for the 2nd quilt:


 So two hanky rag quilts done.  Two lessons about white hanky rag quilts learned.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Another Spring Break is coming to an end today and I always like to look back at all the things I made during the week off.  It makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

First I made an Easter skirt for my grandbaby.  I used this "easy" Tiered Skirt tutorial I found here
The ruffles were not that easy... but I love the way it turned out!  I love Pinterest tutorials!

Easter Skirt

Next, I made my best friend this red, white and blue bandana picnic blanket for her birthday.  She looks like she really likes it!

Then I made another picnic blanket, this time in red, for a customer.

The night before Spring Break started I made this quilt:

 Someone liked it so much they wanted one in mint:

I wanted to make one quilt just to put in my Etsy Shop 
This was made using the most beautiful fabric Paperie.  I got the fabric for my birthday and I really debated selling the quilt or keeping it for myself.


The last thing that I will be finishing tonight is this 12 shirt T-Shirt quilt.  I just need to finish the binding.

I had a very enjoyable, relaxing Spring Break.  I hope you did too!