Monday, April 22, 2013

How's Your Month Going?

While the month is not over yet, I just wanted to write an update on what I've accomplished so far.  This was my  April TO-DO List.  

1.  Make a set of quilted nesting/stacking blocks for a friend using Winnie the Pooh fabric


2.  Make another set of quilted nesting/stacking blocks for a friend using Star Wars fabrics.


 3.  Make an Elementary School t-shirt quilt  for a teacher friend who is retiring in June.

       - Didn't get started yet but I still have time

4.  Hopefully get another order for a t-shirt quilt that a lady asked me to do yesterday. 
       - She did not send me the shirts yet...

 5.  Make some rag quilted baby bibs for my etsy shop.


Plus I made two black and white baby rag quilts that I sold, one with white fluff and one with black fluff:

 I think I'm having a good month so far.  How's your month going?


  1. Wow, I've been at your blog and your Pinterest site for what seems like forever - it's been so fun! I figure I better comment and get going. I love the bibs you make. Sure wish I knew of a baby so I could buy one. Which made me realize - I didn't see your Etsy Shop button on your blog. I've made nesting boxes before - of they were so fun. I really like yours so much - so unique and well thought out. And I love your needle books. Very nice, The one with the square being not the same size is really cool. I'm following you now .

    1. Thank you so much Linda! Actually the needle book with the uneven squares was not meant to look like that. I like symmetry and I'm trying to get over my perfectionist ways and just go with it. That is an example of just going with it. I couldn't find the etsy button but I put an etsy mini here. Thanks for that suggestion!

  2. I would like to follow you with Bloglovin - have you considered joining that?