Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still not the perfect pillow

I love the look of my Hanky quilts.  I love the feel of their softness.  I'm drawn to their floral patterns.  When I put them altogether in a quilt, they look so perfectly beautiful to me.  I've made five so far.  Some with new vintage style hankies, some with actual vintage hankies and some with a mix of both.  You can see the ones I've done here and here.

I found some gorgeous hankies at an antique shop in Ventura a few weekends ago and I picked out a few.  I didn't have enough to make a full quilt so I tried my second rag quilted hanky pillow.  The first one I wasn't happy with because the fluff wasn't full enough but I loved the colors and the patterns.

This time I made the pillow top the same way I made the hanky quilt with different size hankies - I cut 12" squares of white flannel and sewed the hankies on top.  Then I layered two more 12" squares of white flannel and I sewed them together with  a 1" seam for a nice full fluff.  I loved how the fluff looked but this time the floral patterns looked off and I didn't notice how off until it was all done.

It's that darn symmetry thing again - three big prints and a tiny print just don't go...
Well, I hope someone without the symmetry obsession will like this latest pillow.


  1. I do like the way you added more layers to the second pillow. It's very pretty! So soft and frilly looking.

    1. Thank you Linda! Maybe the third will will be perfect.