Monday, April 29, 2013

My Crafty Kids

Can I take a moment to brag about my kids and how talented they are?

My oldest daughter, a brand new mommy, does hand stitching while nursing.  She never uses a pattern and her things turn out so darling. She's made quilts for her bed and her wall.   Her latest adorable creation is called a softie.  Everything is hand-sewn since she doesn't leave the baby long enough to be able to thread her machine.  Here's a picture of one of her "softies."

My son, the musician, is very eco-minded.  He freaks out whenever I forget to bring my market bags,  and will hand carry groceries before taking a plastic bag.  His idea was to take the back pocket off blue jeans and repurpose it into a hipster wallet.  (I use the rest of the old jeans to make rag quilts).  He designed the pattern based on a tea wallet that I make.  I talked him into opening his own etsy shop.  Here's a picture of what he makes:

My middle daughter has made an occasional rag quilt for her friends but those were few and far between.  Recently she decided to make an 8-bit "geek" quilt for a friend.  I was amazed at the result:


We are trying to get her to make more and then open an etsy shop of her own.

 My youngest daughter started making things with me when I first opened my etsy shop.  She was a photographer and a crocheter but she tired of that pretty fast.  She opened her own etsy shop last year and sold silk screened t-shirts and undies.  She also wanted to try her hand at a softie baby toy.  Here are some things she has made:

It makes me happy to see what all four of my kids create.


  1. We learned from the master crafter! :) This post made me smile!

    1. Hmmm...I wish. I wish I had blogs and pinterest and the internet when I was your age then I'd be the master crafter!