Sunday, April 14, 2013

So, I Sewed...

          Joining Pigtales and Quilts for a (late) Saturday sharing.  I've gotten so much done this past week since I was forced to stay home from school with a supposed case of the shingles.  Now, I know what shingles are and how they are supposed to feel - "feels like a knife stabbing me"; "worst pain I've ever felt" etc. etc.  I either have a very high pain tolerance or I didn't really have full blown shingles.  I had a tiny spot more like a bug bite and a tolerable amount of the nerve pain, but my principal recommended I stay home all week until I'm not contagious.  So I sewed.  Here's what I made:

burp cloths
Raggety bib

more bib
one more bib
 (I wish I had fussy cut the bears a little better...)

Star Wars Nesting/stacking blocks

I'm finishing the last block today and then I will be making a black and white baby rag quilt like this:


  1. What a fun set of work for the week! When my girls were babies, I only had boring white burp cloths and plastic store bibs. Sure wish I'd been into this stuff at that time. :) Those Star Wars boxes are super fun. And wow - that black-and-white rag quilt sure is stunning - can see why you're going to make one!

  2. Thank you so much LynCC! Me too. I didn't start making these bibs and burp cloths till my daughter had her first baby this past August.

  3. Shingles... they scare me.. Hope you are feeling tons better!

    Your projects this week show you didn't let it get you down! Great job on all of your accomplishments!

    Thank you for linking up this week!

    1. If this was shingles, it was a piece of cake. Thank you Thearica!