Friday, March 1, 2013

WIP Goals for February - unmet

While I didn't have as many goals as Never too hot to stitch, my WIP goals for February were to finish four quilts.  

1. A baby blue bordered t-shirt quilt for a teacher friend's son:
(I finished the top last night)

2. Black bordered t-shirt quilt for a Florida friend:
(I only finished the top...)

3. The Scrabble Quilt just because I wanted to make one:
I only added 2 rows

4. The Chevron Striped Baby Rag:
The only thing a completely finished this month

except for this:

which wasn't even on my goals list.

I came up a little short project-wise for February.  I'll try harder in March.

1 comment:

  1. You certainly do have a thing for rag quilts, don't you? ;-)

    Never Too Hot to Stitch didn't do well with her February goals, perhaps March will be better -- although on Day 13 it doesn't look like it!