Monday, February 25, 2013

WIP Update

With only 3 days left to this month I wanted to share the only thing I've finished so far.  Blame busy-ness,  long loved visitors, temperamental sewing machine determined to break, for the delay.

When I posted the WIP for the chevron rag quilt, I only had this sketched diagram of what I thought I wanted.

I found out pretty soon that what was in my head did not transfer easily to the cloth.

My intention was to only rag the chevron stripes and leave the rest of the fabric smooth.  I cut out all the triangles, squares and rectangles I needed. and sewed them down the middle.

 Sewed triangles wrong sides together.

Sewed the triangulated squares together.  So far so good...

  But then I thought about the point

What would I do with the point when I sewed the rows together?  I could cut it off but that would compromise the look of the chevron stripe.  Then I thought about how the whole thing would look since now the front and the back of the quilt would have ragged edges.  That would not work!  That would be way too much cutting!  How could a baby lay on such a bumpy quilt?  It definitely needed a smooth side.  So I turned to a quilt I made over 2 years ago:

This is how I should make the quilt this time.
I deconstructed what I had started and re-sewed everything, putting wrong sides together the usual way.

Here is the result of the Chevron Stripe Baby Rag Quilt



I am pleased to say the Mother-to-be was happy.

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  1. Beautiful quilt!!!! I know the mama was very happy with the product! :)