Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fan Letter to Lady Cordelia

  Dear Lady Cordelia,

    Today we spent the day in Santa Barbara doing one of my favorite things - strolling along Cabrillo Blvd. looking at the arts and crafts.  My daughter, Summer, told me that one of her blogging friends would be there selling quilts.  When we found you towards the end of vendor line up, I immediately fell in love with your quilts. I most definitely would have stopped at your site even if we were not looking for you, as your quilts were so eye-catching.  I was not as familiar with you as my daughter was since she's been reading your blog for a long time but after seeing your lovely quilts, bibs, bunnies and needle wallets, I became an instant fan.

What I really like about your quilts is that when you look at the individual fabric colors and patterns you wouldn't think that they would all go together, but every quilt looks so perfectly beautiful. The stitching was both intricate and interesting.  The fabrics were not only vibrant but so soft that you wanted to touch them.  I was so inspired by your quilts that all I could think of was going home to sew and make a smooth quilt like yours.  I wanted to buy one of your quilts for my new grandbaby (and I still might) but I'm a quilter and I aspire to create something close to what you do.  I will definitely be favoriting your  etsy shop dreaming of pastures.  I'm so pleased with my new needle wallet that I bought from you today.  It's so cute and exactly what I needed.  I love it!
I apologize for going on and on.  I tend to be a "gusher" about things that really appeal to me.  I was so nice to meet you today and I hope I will see you again in Santa Barbara and on your blog.

                  Sincerely,   Flo (Summer's Mom)


  1. Flo, that is just too sweet. Thank you! You've really made my day. I'm so happy I've inspired you to do all that already exists in you. Sometimes that's all we need to get going with our heart's desire, a little inspiration.

    1. and, by the way, I have been so inspired by several women I've followed through blogging. I owe so much to those who helped me light my own way.