Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where did June go?

Here it is the last day of June...  I didn't even get my to-do list done for this month...  Where did the month go?  Do the spring and summer seasons go faster than the fall and winter seasons?  What can I do to get them to slow down?  Do more?  Do less?

I did get some things done this month sewing-wise.

I made this Hanky Quilt:

I made a bunch of tea wallets from my quilting scraps:


I made this little dress  for my grandbaby using a pattern from this fabulous blog.

 I also made pillows for my drab front room:


 Now even the dog likes to be out there.

I made more pillows:

For my classroom and for a friend



 And I started making Recycl-a-bags again for my other etsy shop that I do with my cousin/best friend, Marci.

I made this:

 and these:

Oh... that's where the month went...


  1. I love those pillows at the very end!!! I want a pair!!! Looks like you got a lot done!