Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Quilters Run - Area 1

Yesterday I participated in my first Quilters Run and I must say it was pretty cool.  I started out at my local quilt shop Cotton and Chocolate to get my Quilters Run passport and my first free Moda Marble fat quarter.  I love getting free fabric!!!
At the next shop The Quilters Studio, I picked up another free Moda marble fabric.
With that fabric and another fat quarter I could resist I made this:

Today we hit the road for more quilt shops on the Quilters Run.  We were only working on one area of the run.  My husband generously drove me to each of the stores on the run even though fabric stores might be his least favorite place to visit. 

 Our next stop was Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills.  It's a tiny quilt store packed with goodies.  Oh if only I had unlimited funds...  I got my free Moda and browsed around the store looking for inspiration along with a big group of "runners".

The next shop on the run was way way out in Pasadena.  I wasn't sure my husband would go for it but he did!  We got to see this on the freeway going out there:
You don't see that everyday!

The next  shop, New Moon Textiles was definitely on the beaten path.  They gave me my fat Moda quarter and a bottle of water, a band-aid dispenser and advice on where to get a slice of the best pizza around (two doors down).  I allowed myself to pick out one fat quarter here as in all the other shops. Then husband and I ate one slice of yummy pizza here

It was getting late and we didn't want to get into the rush hour traffic but there was still two more shops on the area 1 run.  I thought husband would want to start heading back but he surprised me by asking where the next shop was.  It was in Montrose, a town we had never been before.  We didn't know what to expect but we were intriqued by all the Hawaiian names of the stores and streets there. Montrose turned out to be a delightful little town with a lovely walking Main Street.  We went to Quilt N' Things on Honolulu Ave., where the ladies were so helpful and nice.  My husband stayed outside and had a nice chat with another  husband.  The day was perfect so when I had finished, we decided to walk along the main street and window shop and enjoy the day.

When we left  we hit massive traffic jams (Of course we did!) but it gave me time to think about all the shops we had visited.   For me going into all 5 quilt shops I felt like a kid going into toy shops.  I wanted everything.  All the fabric was eye candy to me. And even though I couldn't buy but 1 fat quarter each,  I was just so happy looking at it all. I am so looking forward to the next leg of the Quilt Run - Area 2 and making some little things from all my fat quarter souvenirs.

My haul from Area 1

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