Friday, February 15, 2013

Sewing Room Clean Up Along - Before Pics

I was reading through my favorite blog posts last night and I found the challenge by Sewingbymoonight  to clean up my "explosive creativity".  How did she know my sewing room looked like an explosion of creativity?  Actually, I love that description over my own : "horrible mess."  I always like to "tidy up" the room after each quilt or project is finished but I'm coming off two rag quilts, one in progress and two t-shirt quilts in progress so this challenge could not have come at a better time.

So here are my Before pictures of my sewing room (my favorite room in the house).

When you first walk in and look to the left you see finished quilts that should go into a closed bin to keep them dust and cat/dog hair free.  You also see WIP's and stacks of unorganized cut fabrics.

Next stop, my very cool Ikea shelf that was supposed to hold and organize all my flannels, fleeces, hankies, etc.  I should have gotten the bigger one...

My window on the world featuring the cat perch, aka my ironing board.  (Last night I was ironing and I walked away for just a moment.  My cat, Andy, jumped onto the ironing board and tipped the hot iron onto the faux wood blinds.  I now have a lovely melted hole in one of the slats...)

  The sewing factory where all the projects are made.  There's a box under the table which holds the scraps I might use for tea wallets.  There's a T-shirt quilt in progress.  There is a bin of denim for the back pocket wallets I make with my son.  My way too small pin up board for my  diagrams and inspirations. And my almost unuseable cutting mat.  (I usually cut my fabric at the kitchen table.)

So there is my "Before" tour.  I so hope I can post beautiful "After" pictures.  Thanks for the motivation Sewingbymoonlight !


  1. I love your wall color in here; very soothing! Not bad, general, I'd say, just a lot of stacks! (oh so familiar!) Your cat has a nice view from there!

  2. I'm also a fan of that wall color! I had my ironing board in a new spot so of course my cat had to investigate. My damage was a chink in the wood floor where the iron landed... fortunately the iron still works. Now it's back against the closet again. I also cut my fabrics in the kitchen - mostly for more room at the counter but often because my cutting table is deep sixed. Looking forward to your after shots!

  3. Lovin' that best gramma sign! Looks the perfect spot for it!
    Excited to see what the "after" looks like!

  4. My sewing room can easily become a disaster if I'm not using it for sewing! It becomes the depository for all things which have no home as yet or those "deal with them later" items!