Thursday, August 12, 2010

To Hayley

Here's how it happened.  We were at my oldest daughter's apt. and she was showing us everything etsy.  (I had an etsy shop with my cousin already called Marci's Garden  We sell handmade bags which take the place of plastic grocery and trash bags.)  This time though, daughter Summer inspired both me and youngest daughter Hayley.  By the time we got home, Hayley and I were full on crafters ready to open our own shop on etsy.

The reason for this blog is to say "How cool is it that my splendid, beautiful, creative daughter wants to share this endeavor with me?!"

Let me tell you about youngest daughter Hayley.  She is amazingly talented.  She took the photo of me on this blog.  I think I look beautifully cute.  She is interested in photography and has already sold some of her photos.  She takes clothes out of the give away pile and she remakes them into unique, fashionable, wearable items. She took a formal type dress with a sheer fabric overlay and she made a tank top out of it.  No one ever wore that formal dress but the tank top will be worn all summer.   Yesterday she took a very nice dress out of my closet which I haven't worn in years but I keep it just in case.  She remade it into an adorable new sundress by shortening it and removing the sleeves. (It's okay because we wear the same size.)  I let her try pretty much whatever she's thinking without throwing in my opinion that it probably won't work because if she tries it, it usually does work and works well!

Hayley also sews and crochets without patterns.  I taught her how to crochet and soon after she was making these adorable caps with no pattern. 

She bought a pair of slipper souls that you needed to add the stocking part.  I really wanted to say "you need a pattern to do that!"  She didn't.  She made the slippers by crocheting a stripy boot like upper part.

She is amazing, she is talented and she's only 18.  I feel honored to be working with her and I look forward to seeing more of her creativity.  You can see it too in our etsy shop

I love you  Hayley!!!

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