Monday, August 9, 2010

A few words about my fabric wreaths

My oldest daughter, Summer, is Etsy-addicted.  She is the one who got me started at Etsy.  She gave me very good advice when I was getting started with my shop and also my blog.  She points me in the direction of must-see crafters.  She showed me one such crafter who made fabric wreaths.  I fell in love with them immediately and I really wanted to try to make one.  I googled the directions and I picked up an 8" straw frame and a wire frame.  I loved the look of the rag wreaths made by so that's the one I attempted first.  I must have done something wrong because it just wasn't looking as beautiful as her wreaths.  Maybe I cut my strips too thin and short.  Long story short - I gave up and went to the straw frame.

The straw frame intrigued me since the tool I needed to make it was a phillips head screwdriver. For my first attempt I used all the scraps of fabric that I had left over from making my son's quilt.  I cut them with a rotary cutter to 3" each and individually attached them to the frame.  At first I wasn't sure I liked the way it was going but I stuck with it.  When it was finished I thought it was gorgeous!  I showed Summer a picture of it and she recommended that I list it on Etsy because it was good.

My next attempt was a christmas fabric wreath since wreaths are mostly used at christmastime.  I used one red and green plaid fabric but this time I pinked the edges and the finished wreath was lovelier than the first.

After this wreath I made 4 more wreaths in this way.  I love the finished result so much and I have been lucky enough to sell a few on Etsy.  So thank you to RagHearth for your inspiration and to Summer for your guidance and encouragement.

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  1. I love these wreaths. I am definitely going to want one for my house!!