Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What I did and What I'm doing 8/10 -8/11

Yesterday my plan was to layer the t-shirt quilt and quilt it.  That would take the whole day and if I got done early I could sew the binding on.  The morning was spent clearing the table, which is always covered with fabric, cutting mat, newspapers, mail, etc., etc.  The table is the perfect place to layer and pin a quilt.

 Then I got a message that the embroidery was done so I stopped what I was doing and I finished the Vintage Style Hanky Quilt.  The lady who did the embroidery sent along 2 finished pieces - a large and a small- for me to choose from (how nice).  I chose the larger one for the quilt but what could I do with the smaller one?  Since it was a name, I couldn't use it for anyone else so I whipped up a surprise gift to go with the quilt.  Since the quilt was a hanky quilt I wanted to do something with hankies.  I decided on a little burpie using hankies I had cut in half.  Here's how it turned out:

Here is the hanky quilt:

(The embroidered name is on the back.)

So when that was all done I did finally layer and pin the t-shirt quilt:

Today my plan is to quilt the t-shirt quilt and cut the fabric for a simple patchwork baby blanket.


  1. Love the hanky quilt. I have been looking for a project to use all of the hankies I have been collecting.

    1. I love making them. Each is different and uniquely beautiful!