Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My T-shirt Quilts

A long time ago (1994) when my first daughter was a freshman in high school I sent away for a pattern for making a t-shirt quilt.  I thought if I got started I might be able to give it to her as a graduation present.  I had never made any kind of quilt before so I thought 4 years should be just enough time to complete it I was so intimidated be the whole process, the 8 pages of instructions and the math involved that I procrastinated for 3 years and 9 months.  Meanwhile, my cousin Marci, of marcisgarden , began quilting and together we measured twice and cut once and calculated fabric and drew out the pictures and essentially muddled our way through the process -

The summer my daughter graduated high school I presented her with this T-shirt quilt.  I remember saying "that wasn't so hard." It is 14 years loved.

By the time my 4 children graduated high school I felt like I was a pro at t-shirt quilts.  I could do one in about a month.  (My last daughter decided she didn't want a tshirt quilt, she wanted a regular quilt.)


Fast forward to today and I am working on my 17th t-shirt quilt.  If pressed I could do one in a week.  I love making these special memory quilts.  Here are some pictures of special ones I've done:

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  1. you've done a lot of t-shirt quilts! Wow!