Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pink T-shirt Quilt

       For the last couple days I've been working on a fun, big 30 shirt T-shirt quilt.  The borders or sashing are sparkly pink.  I'm a pink girl so working with anything pink makes me happy.  This quilt also has the little 2" squares at the corners which say: "Love you More".  How fun to be wrapped in a quilt like that.  One of the shirt squares is actually part of a halloween costume of Tinker Bell.  It was a little bit hard working with the delicate silky fabric.  I was worried about burning it but once it was fused it turned out okay.  The little silk petals will drape freely over the borders.

Just finished the top yesterday and I'm waiting on fabric to finish the backing.

One thing I learned with this quilt  is to use the steam setting to press the steams.  For years I never used the steam setting since my older iron would leave marks and stains on the fabric when I used the steam setting.  I just never tried the steam setting on my new Rowenta iron until now.  Wow, what a difference!  I will always use the steam setting from now on.
I just need to remember:
  • steam for ironing t-shirts to begin
  • no steam for fusing
  • steam for setting the seams
  • no steam when ironing over the logos without parchment paper
Here it is all done:


  1. What did you use for backing and batting? I want to make a t-shirt Quilt but I'm concerned about the weight of it when finished. Any ideas or info will be helpful. Your Quilt looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you Ellie G.! I always use warm and white or warm and natural batting for my t-shirt quilts. To keep the weight down stick with a 20-25 shirt quilt. Anything more makes the quilt very heavy. I've heard about a very lightweight batting but I've never used it. For the backing I have used muslin for a lightweight cooler quilt and flannel for a warmer feel. I've also used a printed cotton which is lightweight and looks terrific on the back!

    2. Thank you! This is so helpful! I'll take your advice. I have 20 now and I'll get started. I usually use warm and natural in my quilts so I've even got enough supply to start. Thanks again.