Saturday, August 6, 2016

What I made on my 2016 Summer Vacation

My job in the summer is to make as many quilts and things as I can.  That means finish my custom order list and make bonus quilty items for my etsy shop.  Here's what I made this summer from June 1st - August 14th.

Alice in Wonderland Quilt


Timber and Leaf Table Runner

Vintage Hanky Rag Quilt

Wee Wander quilt and pillow

Baby Clothes quilt

Butterflies Rag Quilt

Game of Thrones Quilt

3 Sisters 2014 Favorites

Black and White Sylvia Rag Quilt

Baby Clothes Quilt

Star Wars Burpies

Timber & Leaf table runner to match curtains above

Needle Wallet

Needle Wallet

T-shirt quilt

Queen size Red Bandana Rag Quilt #1

Butterfly Quilt #2

Queensize Red Bandana Rag Quilt #2
Grand daughter birthday dress pinafore
Nautical Table runner

Ballet Roses Rag Quilt

Book Pillow

I will start doing school related stuff on Monday.  I am working on a twin size Bandana Quilt with pillows this weekend and one more T-shirt quilt.  What did you make this summer?

Update:  I finished the t-shirt quilt

and some super hero capes made from the backs of T-shirts from previous t-shirt quilts:

And the Bandana twin size quilt set:

Phew!!!  I start back to school tomorrow!


  1. You made ALL OF THAT in a couple of months? I'm so impressed!!!

    1. Well I thought of it as my 8 hour a day job.