Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm Not Afraid of Mistakes

I recently made a beautiful king size shabby chic baby blue rag quilt for a lovely customer.

I finished washing and drying it to give it the just right fluffiness in the seams and when I measured it, it was smaller than the customer wanted.  My fault.  So I thought I would add one more row to the sides.  No big deal.  I set about opening the seams in my sunny sewing room and as I held up the quilt to the light I saw (gasp) that I had not caught the batting in the seam.  The batting had curled up toward the middle.

No way could I sell this to my customer even though she might never know what was on the inside.  It could not be fixed without taking the whole thing apart.  I agonized over my options and finally decided to buy more fabric and start all over.  Unfortunately all the same fabrics were not available anymore.  Fortunately I found similar fabrics that were a better baby blue hue.  I did take the entire messed up quilt apart and I will be reusing all the fabric again in other quilts.

So I did make the new and improved king size shabby chic baby blue rag quilt.  All the batting is in the right place, all the seams secure.  Here's how it turned out:

The bonus it that I have all that extra fabric from the first quilt to make more quilts, burpies, bibs and pillows.

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