Thursday, June 2, 2011

White Wedding Rag Quilt

It was supposed to have been an eggplant purple quilt.  I had plenty of time to make it before my friend, Sam's wedding.  Of course, I fretted over the colors and took endless pictures of purple combinations but nothing seemed right.

It was one week before the wedding and my daughter, Summer, suggested a white wedding quilt, something special using all white fabrics.  She said that she wished she had gotten one for her wedding.  That really appealed to me as I had been wanting to make an all white quilt for some time.

As I was thinking/planning the quilt I got the idea to throw some purple in as a feature somehow.  I didn't want big purple squares  with the white so I thought a stripe of purple would be nice.  I wanted it around the edge but not on the outermost edge.

I drew it out on graph paper and then set about  cutting and sewing.  It was easy to do the mid-section since it was all whites and the four corners were white.  To get the stripe I had to cut and sew together a strip of purple to the white fabrics I had selected.  Each 9" square was always 3/4 white and 1/4 purple but the positioning of the purple was key to the stripe.

When I had it all sewn together I was very happy with the look of the stripe on the smooth side. I was still worried the fluffy side would have a more disjointed look but by the time I had it all cut, I couldn't be happier.

I got the White Wedding quilt for Sam finished about 20 minutes before leaving for her wedding.  I hope she likes it.  If you'd like your own white wedding rag quilt with your own stripe of color just go to ZeedleBeez

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  1. Well its beautiful quilt. I was searching for a nice gift for my dear friend who is getting married at event space NYC in next week. Now I must say that it’s beautiful gift for her. Going to buy beautiful quilt for the couple and hopefully they gonna love my present.